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This page has been locked forever, but I would like to leave all the materials for good memories. Thank all who visitted this gallery!
Today is the Requiem for peoples died by the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima city. I always feel happiness that we can enjoy photo shooting in the peaceful world, and I really hope that the critical situation in Israel and Lebanon will be settled in peace. By the way, I have been so busy that I frequently responded late for your BBS comments, and I decided that I stop the BBS untial my work situation will turn stable. Then I will visit you again with my new photos. I am sorry, and please do not forget me! This summer has been so sever except the Kanto area, so please take care yourself, and see you again in the near future!
Time flies, the golden week has passed so fast! I went around Kaida-Highland, Takayama, Suganuma&Aikura old Gasshou-form houses village with my friends. It was supprised that the cherry had just strated to bloom in those areas, later than the Tsugaru area that is in the northest part of Japan main Island. I enjoyed the fresh air and sceneries taken were summarized in the new gallery "Snow Melting". The only thing sad was that the traffics were all crowded just like the business day in Tokyo. Anyway, how was your golden week vacation? I hope you all enjoyed, of course!
Cherry starts to bloom! People may feel how fast time passes during these days. All flowers open their pedals, and immediately lose thier beauties. The flower that tells spring coming to our family is Mimoza. I heared that Mimoza is Spring welcome flower in the Mediterranean contries who do not have cheery. This year's shot for Mimoza in the top was taken by Infrared. Do you like the faint purple leaves and white balls? In Fujisawa, cherry has started to bloom, and will be in full in the next weekend. I enjoy to meet chivalrous cheery flowers every time!
It's snowing! It is very interesting to note that it often snows on the day of the Joint achievement test for an university. The silver scenery is one of favorites for the photographer, I also like it. By the way, from the last December, I suffered from the spam writing on my BBS, and I have almost ginven-up. But, the cgi programs developed by Isso-san perfectly blocks my BBS from annoying attcks. Thanks a lot to Isso-san and it's so amazing and wouderful. If you have same troubles, please visit the Isso-san's site from the link at the bottom of my BBS!
A Happy New Year for all ! In Japan, people celebrate the new year in a classical manner, such as "Ozo-ni", "Otoso", and enjoy a really relaxed holidays which ever have. Many people visit shrines to pray that they will be well in health, avoid accidents and even they earn much moneys. "Kimono" suite which recently we cannot see so often has of course its traditional beauty. Un fortunately, this year has much snow in the north-west part of Japan main island, and hope the people live there has also a funtastic new year day !
Autumn has been final stage. How are your photo life? I am very sorry that I cannot respond quickly on the BBS and cannot visit your nice homepages.  Recently, I have not even gripped my camera, too bad! I inly enjoy favorite coloed leaves on the news papers and TVs. It will cool down so rapidly, please take care well and enjoy shooting!
Autumn has come! How are you? Are you enjoy recent cool and rainy days?  With Komin-san, his wife and their lovery dog "Rue", we enjoyed the beautiful colored leaves and montains in Shiga Highland. Though it was foggy and rainy, its illusion was so nice. The keaves in Fujisawa will start to color in November, and it will be also chance to photo!
At last, the rainy season ended. The sky has returned to blue and the sun starts to shine again. I visited Yanaka in Taito-ward in Tokyo to enjoy the old houses and atmosheres. Though it was too hot to walk around, but I really enjoyed flavors and colors with my photo friends. I put the new "Yanaka Colors" into my gallery and please visit!
Last weekend, I visited Kofu to meet again with the photo-lovers whom I met last tear in Yokohama. We run shooting in Daimon-machi, Toyotomi-mura and Kiyosato. I really enjoyed the confortable and sweet wind in the village and forest, and the sceneries with anciet houses and lands. Please visit gallery of "Play with seet wind". I thanks for the Ozeki-Takanohana who gave me encouragement in my youth. Get one more win, I belive that Japanense Soccer team will get the ticket! 
Last weekend, I visited Hiroshima and Kintai-Bridge in Iwakuni with my wife. In the full cherry blloming, we visited Dome of Atomic Bomb, and the memorial park of peace in Hiroshima, and enjoted "Okonomi-yaki". The beautiful wooden Kintai-Bridge and the flowerstorm made us pleasant. We are gratful to Hikoma-san and his wife for their kind care of us. By the way, it is only possible with the peace world to enjoy photography. Even after 60 years of the WW2, we still straggle to create the peaceful relationship between neighbouring China and Korea. No more cannons, no more cry!
Spring has come closer ! It is heavy season for people who have hay fever, please take care. In Fujisawa, a Japanese apricot has been in full bloom, and the my home spring bell, Mimoza, have a lot of small and yellow flowers. In the beginning of March, I visited USA for business. For the first time I carried the compact digital camera, and the snap shots taken there are up in the "Glancing USA" in the gallery, please visit. Finally the cherry will start tio bloom ! I always enjoy this blooming season !
The prizewinners for photo project of "Live" have been announced. As always, winner's works are filled with enthusiasm. Please visit again, and touch their soul and feelings. My PC was cured and back again. I regret that my care about the HDD boot area collapse was insufficient. I install the secondary HDD for program work areas and backup, and software "Ghost". I hope they work well. By the way, my home Spring bell "Mimoza" has so many yellow and small buds, so spring comes very close to us !
At last, the photo project of "Live" will start soon. Theme itself souds rather serious, but all the photos captured by cameras can be understood as the proofs of "living" or "had been living". So, take it easy, and let's shoot and submit. By the way, the most strong cold power comes, and it will be colder than ever next week. I am afraid that heavy snows will persecute the people in Chuetsu area. Let's tide over the coldness and hardness with power accumulated in the new year's holidays !
01/09 The temperature decreased to the usual cold new year days', and how are 
you? We can see the fantastic fog on the sea surface because of the rather 
warm water temperature in the early morning. The sky and sea have become 
clear, and I like this crystal clear blue of water and the air. Calm sea is good 
and wild waves with the strong north wind is also fine. The crystal clear water 
and sky always fill me with a good new hope! Anyway, a happy new year and 
hope this year will be good for everyone on the earth!
2004/12/05 December has come. The only one month remains in 2004. The most precious thing for me is to have many frieds through the photography. It becames more andmore difficult to obtain new friends, but the photography really makes it possible! On the other hand, we suffered with the many tyhoons and the heavy earthquake, and the expeditionary force to Iraque made japanese people to think what is the real peace. All civillizations will have meanings only with the peace and the wonderful nature. I cannot stop hoping everything will be better in 2005!
Today was the athletic national holiday few years ago, and the sound of the firework told us that the athletic festival would be held. This year, we have so many typhoons, and yesterday the 22nd hited the shonan area and brought us heavy storm. If the typhoon speed was rather slow, the damage would be much sever. This morning, I visited the Tsujido-beach. It was cloudy, but the sky melted and mixed with the ocean at the horizon was so beautiful! Taken photos were summarized in the gallery of "Cloudy Roman", please visit.  Anyway, the turn season has come, and it makes photographers mad again.  How are your planning? I look forward to meet your best shots in your web gallery, thank you!
I do not remember when I became to be interested in Nature Photography. All the photos those were taken in the travel with my friends in the middle high-school did NOT include my friends, but sceneries only ! They claimed "Hei, your photos are meaningless ! Nobody knows who traveled!", and since then, I always take photos with persons for memories. However, the photo that was taken in the heavily snowed morning remembered me the yearning for the nature photo! I have re-started and want to feel beauty and hard reality of nature itself through the camera finder, and to record for future. Let me have your patience about my poor photographic technique, and I am very happy when you also feel something about the nature. Thank you !
The rainy season has gone, and the hot and humid summer has come! Last year, we had very cold and cloudy summer days and were very frustrated.  Many people have vsisted the Shoman beach and enjoyed swimming and sun.  The roads crowded every week end by the cars goto home. This summer vacation, I would like to go the places which is full of blue sky, white clouds and finestream! If you have the informations, please let me know!
Japanese rainy season has come ! Today the sky is so clear and fine, but it will start to rain again tomorrow. Till now, I enjoyed the beauty of the nature, but I have felt that something is missing in my photos. So, I will start to put the people into to my finder. With the help of the nature's beauty, I will try to express the feelings of human. I know it is difficult, but it is highly necessary to develop my eyes and for better photographies. By the way, how are you in these days? The web-masters to whom I have linked have been busy to get fresh greens and fine streams. In June, I will have many business trips, so please be patient about my delayed responses, thank you !
May has come, a carp streamer, "Koinobori" in Japanese, tells us. It has been cloudy and rainy during the Golden week days in Fujisawa, and also in Shinshu that I visited. But, it was so lucky that the sun alsways welcome me where I went. Mt. Shirane keeps an unchanged gallant appearance after I visited 30 years ago. I also enjoyed fresh greens and spas in Matsukawa and Shirakawa valley. After the posi-film processing ends, I will up-date the sceneries I took there. Please wait ! By the way, since my children grew up already, I do not take care about the carp streamer as before. But, it still has been nice to see them, because they make me remind my and wife's pleasent and happy days with our young children. Anyway, the golden week days are over, and let's work hard until the Summer Vacation days will come! 
Thank you for 9000 accesses for my homepage, and please use the anniversary wallpaper if you like. Also thank for the cheery blooming messages from many areas in Japan. It has been really Rush on Cherries!  And I convinced how Japanese love cherry bloomings. In Fujisawa, I have looked the cherry tree in Ohba Memorial Park, and I am shamed that I did not know the existence of this beauty. Next year I also observe her much more carefully. The Photo Contest of "Light and Shadow" has been over, and the result will be coming up soon. So, please keep in mind and visit again.  However nature photographers love peace, the real world sadly is not. The kidnapping in Iraq is one of the representatives. Of course, I love peace and hope peace in all the area on the surface of the earth !
March has almost passed through ! The cherry bloom will be delayed this year because of the cold weather in this week. We can enjoy the entrance celemony for the schools with full blooms ! I will try to trace the cherries much more carefully this year. For the first shot this year is the "Overture" on the Top-page. I would like highlight the black bough and twigs as the shadow of the morning sun light with a little number of the cherry petals. Can you feel the beginning of the blooms ? if so, I am very happy. By the way, the Photo Contest of "Light and Shadow" will be started soon, and please join ! It will be surely wouderful to enjoy unique photos at the site !
Time goes so fast ! Beautiful yellow "Mimoza" tells my family "Spring has come !" I spent the last week of February in San Fracisco. Cheery and rape flowers were in full bloom. But, when I came back to the Narita airpot, it surprisingly snowed ! I set the this year's theme for my photo to the ocean wave, but I have not still get the satified results, and still go on. From the end of March to the beginning of April, it will be full bloom of cheery in Japan.  Last year, we had very fast bloom, but this year will be also fast?, I wonder.  Anyway, this season is one of the exciting time for the photo lovers, and also I am ! And thanks a lot about the 8000 accesses to my homepage ! I would like to keep in touch with you as ever !
Thank you for 7000 accesses to my homepage. Please be friend as ever. The Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy(BSE) and the chicken influenza would be an alarm for the global and huge mass supply & consumption brought about by the modren communication and tranportation technologies. I changed the living clock to the 50 year old with a spring drive. Though it is old, but it works very well ! I have to remember that all substances, include human and the nature are really precious ! I hope that all my photos be precious for all who have visited my homepages !  
The working days started again ! My stomach heavily used and fought against the "Otoso" and "Sake" in the new year parties have riveved. Though the climate was so mild in the "O-Shogatsu" days, it returned cold and dry as usual. In these days, since the clouds lay near the horizon in the morining,  we can enjoy the art by the sun and the clouds from the beach. Top page photo was taken from the Tsujido beach in 2nd January. I have never seen that the sly was so burned in red. Camearamans appeared in the beach also made shots. Anyway, it is cold enough at the beach in the eraly morning, I would like to ware an additional underware which Japanese elder people frequenly use, named "Sarumata" !
A happy new year!  I would like to meet a lot of impressive scenary and peoples this year, too. And would like to keep in touch with you! The to-page photo is a sunrise seen from the Tsujido beach. Even though there is a sign of the economical recovery from the slamp, an unclear stauts of world peace still remains such as Ilraq issue. The clouds in the photo would represent these situations. I change the BGM to the second movement of BWV1056 of J.S.Bach. I really prefer the melody with major/minor modulation, and put the desire for peace into the sound of vibraphone and a slow tempo and name "Bell for peace". By the way, the most famous event in a new year Shonan is the "Hakone Ekiden". I do't care about the results, but it is enough to see gentle and desperate atitude of athletes. Good luck and please encourage us as ever!  
Thank you for 6000 accesses to my HP, and I would like to expect that you will visit again. The anniversary wall-paper this time is the winter morning. I heard that it snowed Hokuriku and Tohoku-area, and even in Nagoya and Kyoto. It was also cold in Fujisawa. Today, Mt. Fuji showed its beautiful form with white snow on his top. I reviewed the all photos taken in this year, and I noticed that the recent ones have been strained to its planing, and had less impressions that I felt when I shot. This should be a great subject in the next year, and I will try to be "natural" for being moved. By the way, the late night train has been filled with people who enjoyed the year-end party. It seems as if the economics getting better, and I hope it continues in the next year. So, I hope that the new year will be in peace and happiness ! See you next year again !
Time goes fast ! December makes people hurried. In Fujisawa-shonan, a frozen street has been seldom seen in December, it might be in February.  Last weekend, I visited Kamakura, and supprisingly I could still enjoy colored leaves ! It is the proof of that shonan is really warmer place. Please visit the new mutual links of phchi-san and kenji-san. puchi-san's digital photo and HP are very charming, and kenji-san's photos of the scene of Miyagi prefecture make me calm, because I lived in Sendai for 9 years. Anyway, only 2 weeks remain in this year, don't catch a cold please. PS: Cocoa who lived with us for 8 years died suddenly in 5th of December. We cannot forget you and please sleep in peace ! 
Winter has come ! It has been cold enough to wear a coat. In Fujisawa, leaves are fully colored, and will soon be fallen. The smell of bon-fire conforts me so well and remember me the old days of a baked sweet potato.  Looking for the leaf's beauty, and I noticed that the sun light is important to make colors. Without a suitable spot light, leaves lose their beauty. To go to the place at right time is essential attitude to get bright colors. The maples in the Top page told me these important message. By the way, the year end party seaon will come up soon. Please tune up your stomach !
Fully coloer leaves make Japanese mad, just like the cherry bloom in the spring. Famous sightseeing spots have been crowded in the every weekend in November. Even in Shonan warm area, people start to use a stove in the end of November. Last sunday, the large water fall in Konaka-machi near Ashio-city induced me to go there. About 8 km from the main route, the water fall existed. Passed through the suspension bridge, the fall was wrapped with fully colored leaves ! In the morning, the sun light directly hits the water fall and made too high contrast for exposure. I think in the early afternoon, it will be a best time to take a photo, because it will be blight enough even though without the sun lay into the valley. Anyway, novemebr is a really exciting season for photographers ! See you ! 
Wake-up early, and visit the Cosmos-garden at the riparian land of Sagami river(Locally called Banyu river). A few flowers opened last week, but today, almost every flower showed their charming faces. Morning lull made wind calm, and the sky was so clear that one never find a cloud. The transparent pink flower petals against the sun shime looked so pure ! I would like to hear your feelings about the top-page photo. By the way, the norther part of Kanagawa prefecture have been fully dressed by the autumun leave's color.  But, we should wait two or three weeks for the autumn coloer in Hakone and Lake-Yamanaka. We feel rather coldness without the sunshine today, please be careful for your health and don't catch cold. See you again !
Thank you very much for 5000 accesses to my homepage. Please visit the anniversary wall paper from the gallery menu. This time, the sunset over the Hakone moutain chains with ray on the shonan beach. I am very happy when you will visit and use it. By the way, autumn has come, and has been so comfortable in these days. The first snow on the Mt. Fuji was observed last 25th. Decreasing the temperature makes the air clean and the leaves colored. The clear air shows us the beautifule Mt. Fuji from the Shonan area. A new-Link "Judy's Gallery" is worth to visit, especially if you like flowers ! She is the regular for winning contest of the Photographic journal.
Summer comes again ! So hot and humid ! After a long absence, one weekshot and the top-page photo were renewed. Today is one of the national holidays of Olders respect, and our family will have a dinner with my father and mother this evening. I heard that the number of peoples who aged over 100 exceeds 20,000 in Japan. I will live long with health, and enjoy photography as long as possible. In anyway, what's the hell of this temperature ! But, this sunshine is good for the rice harvests. After the autumn rainy season that I am not sure to come this year, finally the fall will arrive. It is my great preasure to meet with the beautifully colored leaves and the clear autumn air. See you !
At last, I opened up the Gallery !, but only one. And, I am also sorry that the gallery is still in Japanese ! Please be patient until the translation will be completed. This gallery is the renewed version of the backnumber of top-page photos. These photos have been taken in Fujisawa, and the place that I visited for lesson. It is sad enough that only a little progress in technique has been observed ! But, "Never Give-up !", and I will continue to take photos until I get the excellent result like the photo appered in the homepage of senior web-masters. By the way, still cloudy day has been continued, and I have not even swin ! Contrast to Japane, madly high temperature was observed in Europe and US. I heard that it is becuase of the largerer weave magnitude of the Jet stream. I always hope jetstream be finestream !
The coldest "Obon" day since the weather observation has been started, the Meteorological agency said. How have you been in cold and rainy summer days? The Shonan-beach lost the spirit, and the owner of the beach shop cried for these days. Kinta has been also locked in the house, and has been impossible to touch the nature. Though slow, but all the components except the most important "Gallery" has been completed. Let me have more time to build up the Gallery. I tried to visit the "Kintaro" forest near the Ashigara pass, and found "Yujo" water fall. This fall is recorded as the place where Kintaro's mother trained herself for her healthy baby after she concieved.  The forest surrounds this fall is also fantastic, and I fully charged the minus ions. Anyway, I would look forward the day of brightness and happiness !
Since the Butaman Internet service will be shut-down in the end of this Sep., I was forced to build the new house for my homepage. I feel special attachment to the Butaman, because I have used this service over 10 years, but I have no choise. The new web-site I selected is named "http://www.finestream.net/". In the name "Finestream", I would like to put the wish for clear streams of the water, comfortable flow of the air, and peaceful tide of the world. Though time is necessary fot the completion of the new homepage, I decided to open-up for getting your kind and precious adivices.  Please use the butaman's web mail and BBS to contact to me. Thank you!
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