Senior Photo Web Masters

Everyone will feel a serious aspects of life and good aspects of human through impressive photos with his keen eyes, this is Lee-san's HP. Techniques of focusing onto universal theme and original composition by wide-angle are professional ! 

She has been trying to preserve the kind relationship between peoples and meaning of the historical events and remains through her borderless experiences and with beautiful photos in Noa-san's blog. Please visit and touch her diligent soul !

Excellent nature photos with nice sun lighting in the Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures, macro shots for flowers and small lives fills Happy "riko"-san's HP. Her nice works won the photo-contest many times. Please visit and touch the riko-san's photographer's eye !

The beautiful sceneries of Miyagi and fantastic snaps in city Sendai fill the TACHI-san's HP. The town informations of city Sendai are also available. Please visit and enjoy my second home town of Sendai !

Photographer Fujii-san's Professional HP. Don't miss to visit his gallery of elegant snaps of world wide towns and life there ! He owns serial pages about the photographic techniqes and cameras in the monthly journal of "Nihon Camera" and "Cameraman". 

Courteously finished flowers and scenery photos in the Best Selection, and snap shots in (k)'s HP will make people relaxed just like as slowly walking in the clear air. I always feel warm, nostalgia and memories. Please visit and enjoy the slow time tide !

For his snap shots I always feel the spirit that never lose the chances and a bitter feelings that everyone has. This is Pooh!-san's HP. He says that he is middle-aged, but it is only true for his outlook, Please visit and touch the young and burning heart !

Once you see the phtographs of the beauty of South-Sinshu, you will soon be a fan of Minton-san's HP. He is also semi-professional in a kayak and a guitar. All his works are highly sensible, and are worth to visit and touch the beauty of nature !

Temted by wind, this is wind-san's HP. As the title says, snapshots, that condence her impressions when she encounter times, places and occasions like a wind, certainly glaspe your heart! The faint colors are also impressive. Please visit and touch her heart!

Photographers who love snapshots, please visit Iwaneko-san's HP. All photos in her galleries are filled with her individualty. Kinta surely loves the Momochorome gallery named "Over the foggy" with high or soft contrast of sceneries. Don't miss her site!

You certainly will be touched when you see the beautiful sunset sceneries taken by Meihodao-san. From all photos in his HP, I can feel the love for Hokodate, and that makes everyone to be relaxed. The old photos taken by his father are also worth to look !

Beautiful sceneries of "Kiso" are filled in iraka-san's HP. Photos are so beautiful and one can easily undestand that iraka-san really loves them all. Galleries of flowers and animals are also fine. Don't miss this site when you want to touch the heart of "Kiso".

The gallery is filled with the sceneries where she visited, and the snap-shots in the Chiko-san's homepage. The "Etegami" are so wonderful that one cannot stopping to remember Tomihiro Hoshino who is one of the famous "Etegami" artists!

It is so wouderful that the all young boys and girls faces in her snap-shots are shining with joy, even for crying ! This is Hime-san's homepage. Moreover, her calligraphy is also fine, just like as a pro's. There arealso sight-shots of Shikoku island and Setouchi area.

You feel the stream of time when you touch Emu-san's snap-shot which is filled with genly controlled lights. In her diary, you could find her another personality as a kind and stout mother. Let's enjoy the time and space in which we are living !

You will easily understand what she wants to say, this is Ninni-san homepage Top photo. Diary and stray notes are filled with a joy and difficulty to live as a mother and a lady simultaneously, Who visits her homepage, no doubt, he will find a confortable relaxation!

When you want to know about a bird of prey, you would better to visit Kaze-san's HP. His HP is filled with the detailed informations about the real life of eagles, owls etc. Let's know the nature of them more rather than to simply ove them as a pets !

He is really a man of talent!, that is Hikoma-san. Not only his fantastic snap shots of humor and critisism sometime, but he made earthenwares by himself ! His photo field is wide enough from his native Hirishima to anywhere in Japan and abroad !

Said that he has enjoyed photography one year, but his snap shots are so fantastic ! This is TandM-san's HP. Especially peoples snapped have a soft expression, and they fill us with worm and kind fellings !

When you see the excellent snap-shots taken by D-LAB-san, it is no doubt that you will feel lyric poetry. Especially his B&W prints, there are always "light and shodow" motif. There is totally differnt flavor from the scenery photo, but you soon become to love !

Before you visit Yokohama city, it is better to visit LEO-san's HP. There are many snap shots of towns and parks in which even the lohg livig people will find new aspects of scenery. Please check it out !

What color do you imagine when you hear "Aqua"? The true aqua color is in Aqua-san's HP. Colors which resemble to the soft neon tube plasma are unforgettable. You should visit and the touch the brilliant aqua light in the evening and night !

Everybody will feel a kind heart when he visit the "nature" corner of toshi-san's HP. He lives in Gifu prefecture. An advise corner about the photo retouch is also useful. The wall papers in annex are so beautiful and colorful!

Colorful and beautiful sceneries of "Ohotusku" in Hokkaido are filled in nami-san's HP. The polished web design is also impressive. Especially the photo with an encourage message in "Kami" session are excellent !

When you want to know much about the digital photo processing and retouch, please visit Komin-san's HP. His nice digital photos taken by Nikon D100 will definitely impress you ! Hinomaru Project etc. are very fantastic, and you will surely enjoy contributed works !

His photo field includes all the area of the northern part of the Japan main island, this is Kenji-san's HP. From the cherry bloom in Spring to the rime frost in winter, his HP is filled with the timely season smell. And you can get many excellent wall papers. The photos appeared in BBS are also fine !

When you want to know the scenery and flowers in the fields and mountains in Kansai area, please visit puchi-san' HP. Elegant character fonts and excellent falsh based HP is very impressive. A chraming tree frog will guide you to fantastic puchi-san's world !

Just like a flower garden, Jyuri-san's HP is ! When you want the informations about the flower garden in the Kanagawa prefecture, please visit. A guide how to make HP is helpful for beginners, and "Go out", "Shops" with informations about places where she really visited very useful especially for a photographer who likes flowers and families.   

After you see the large-formatted Oide-san's photos, you cannot forget its high quality, and his ability to grasp the substance of the nature. Not only beautiful, but everyone can feel "something" in connection with life.

The word "Noble" and/or "Refined" are fitted to Tomono-san's professional photos. The technical advises are very useful and encourageble for the beginners. He also manages the web-ring that alerts marverick photographers who ruins the nature.

Before you visit Hokkaido, you should visit Kiri-san's HP first. You will find the beautiful sceneries of four-season in Niseko, Furano and Biei area. She is a good photographer, and a good Dry-flower designer also. Love for the nature and all mankind are overflowed any place in the web.

Beauty of the sun-set in north-shore of Biwa-lake,"Kohoku", make people lose to even breath. tak-san's HP is filled with sceneries that make anyone relax. To touch with healing powers, please click bunner left, now !

When you want know the name of the flowers, one of the best sites in Japan is Ehara-san's HP. You will need only few minutes to find by the alphbetical retrieve system. The literature about the old house, celemonies is very helpful to understand Japanese culture.

Every one who visits Ide-san's HP can smell the clear air of the "Yachiho-Kogen". His photos are not only beautiful, but have the power to heal the mental stresses that anyone has. Photos appeared in his BBS are also excellent. He is the owner of the "Nature-Photo" Web-ring whick I joined.

If you are looking for the beautiful secneries of Yokohama bay area, please visit Fukuda-san's HP. The "Bay-bridge" lighted-up in various colors in the nights, "Minato-Mirai" area with red-colored Mt. Fuji, and every photo displayed-in is unique article based on his excellent photograhic technique.

Photo Shop

All staff in Tsujido-Fujisawa Kitamura love photography, and kind enough. About Camera, Film, Develoment&Printing&Enlargement, I have asked their assist for three years and more, and used to spend long time in the shop with talking and joking. You can also obtain the professional assist by the Fuji and Kodak Photo Laboratories through Kitamura.


MIDI, MP3 and the other high fidelity music source can be obtained by taitai-san's site. If you want to have BGM with high quality, please visit !

Fujisawa Informations

Monthly papers especially devoted to Tsujido-area. HP is also avairable to get new and fine informations about food, house, shopping, events etc.